To hide where you know
You'll be found,
May serve you well,
Unless you forget
To let someone know
Where to find you,
Then this becomes home.

Becoming a Lighthouse

The stars are out there,
It is a fact,
You are just under six foot tall,
But your frame is strong,
Scoop them up,
Tell stories,
As you scatter them on the ground,
To light your way.

Leave a few behind you,
So as not to forget,
Picking as much as you need,
For the journey ahead.
It will be dark,
But no fear,
There will always be a star in the sky,
You forgot to bring.

And if you have some left,
When you reach your goal,
Put them in your mouth,
So you can be a beacon,
To others starting their paths,
Turn round to the four corners of the island,
Like a lighthouse,
Bringing safety to all.

Lonely Night

The car lights,
Turn blades of grass,
Into botanical shards of glass,
Shining like diamond studded spears,
As they turn on and off.

A black sky tinged orange,
By the branch haloed lamposts,
Holds up the trees,
In networks empty of birds,
With the cold onslaught of rain.

As if time had thrown them clear,
Of leafs and shoots,
Scaring them away,
To leave emptiness,
As the nights companion.

Dream Tongue

The taste of your tongue was like blood,
Like a tip on a battery,
And you said the cinema never shuts,

I woke up hardened,
And tried to find the position,
So I could sink back into it.

Like a live wire in the dark,
The memory of the taste of you,
Stays during the day.

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