Saints and Elephants

Where elephant bones and tiger bones are more prescious than a humans,
We hang ivory around our necks and wonder at Chinese medicine.

Everyday saints look at the world through stained glass windows made by saints,

In the hope that continually searching for god will make it easier to find a place in the here after.

The Second Coming

A spectacle of people lying on the streets,
With all their faults displayed,
They have borrowed from the sun,
And now their skies are grey.

The children ride through dismal crowds,
Hailing the second coming has arrived,
Gathering bodies in black plastic bags.

Forests re-populate the towns,
Moss covers the store front brands,
Where concrete had gauged out roads and pavements,
Now the original footprints for men.

Train Journey

Lip throwing at birds flying backwards with their heads turned at the shoulder,

Their reflections float on the sea broken under pressure by passing tides,

As boats drift with purpose following invisible sky trails,

Such elemental acrobatics of one sign changing to another improves the marking of time.

And whistles through the horses legs, the fields,
the coast and towards the blue expanse of line.

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