Biro Storm Cloud

Biro Storm Cloud

The mess hovers over me like a biro cloud above my head,
And promises to stay there until the day I'm dead,
I try to pull it apart while lying in my bed,
But this is not as easy as it might or could be said



Fire Keeper

Life fuels her,
She throws down her anger like a black blanket on the fire,
And watches the smoke come out of her mouth.

Inside depression prods at the embers,
Complaints flicker setting grievances alight,
And her expressions reflect off the flame-light.


Into the Morning

Cold night,
Lift my shoulders,
Unburden them of these affections,
To forget.

So I can throw them into the void,
Dark open arms,
Where even the light of dreams,
Would not be illumination enough

Let the heat of sunrise,
Burn them dry,
With no salty residue,
Tempting me to taste my thoughts of you again.

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